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Spiritualist, Life Coach, Medicine Woman, Healer

I help patients deal with real issues – whether emotional, mental, physical or spiritual– to realign imbalances and guide them on the path of healing.  Most of all, I am effective and can help fix your situation; you know this because you are reading this. As I always say, there is an underlining root cause to your issue, so… “let’s get to the root of it!” I specialize in the treatment of spiritual disease to help patients realign their mind-body-spirit connection. You are a spirit housed in a body. To heal the effect, we will work together to release the cause through the power of spirituality and energy healing therapy.


A devotee of medical and scientific studies, I offer a very rare and unique skill set, as I not only have spiritual expertise, but I have also studied both traditional and alternative medicine for over 20 years. A healing intuitive often lacks formal medical training, where I have both. My extensive medical and scientific background includes a background in biological sciences, investigation, completion of some years of medical school, and a research based Doctorate Degree in Health Sciences. I have completed many university courses inclusive of human anatomy, embryology, life origins and speciation, and plant biology. I also currently work with law enforcement as a Forensic-Medical Intuitive Investigator providing assistance on missing persons cases as a medical intuitive.

Combining years of professional medical studies, use of my divine gifts, and my awareness of current health research, I am able to have a deeper understanding of the systems of the human body and the impact of botanical medicine (herbs, roots, and plants) than the average practitioner. I have found throughout my journey that nature is the most effective healer.

Patients frequently come to me for many different types of spiritual and energy healing services. The best-kept secret is that many members of royalty, heads of state, CEO’s of businesses, celebrities, physicians, actors, and law enforcement agencies use the power of the supernatural to enhance their personal and business lives. Energy healing is popular!


My earliest childhood memory of being able to communicate with Spirits was standing on top of my late great grandmother’s grave as a little girl. Peering down, I was told later by witnesses there at the cemetery that it seemed as if I was having an actual conversation with her from the grave. By my late teenage years, I had discovered that I have several other spiritual gifts, which I have continued to nurture and develop. Throughout the years, I have studied several spiritual paths along my spiritual journey. For me, Roothealing™ is much more than a profession; it is a lifelong passion and a way of life.

Today, I have evolved into a strong medical intuitive, energy healer, and spiritual leader. Incorporating healing techniques influenced by conventional and non-conventional medicine, I have helped patients for over a decade, including several satisfied patients in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area and internationally, including Mexico, Belize, and London.


Are you ready for your breakthrough? With respect and professionalism, my intention is quite simple: to help you manifest your inner power, desires, dreams, and goals for your life.

Disclaimer: I am not licensed as a physician, psychotherapist, or psychologist. Information on this website, advice provided, or services purchased are not meant as a replacement for professional counseling, evaluation, or treatment by a physician or mental health professional.

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Address your needs and wishes with the attention and detail they deserve! Our services are tailored to each patient's individual situation and performed with a full consultation, evaluation, and diagnosis. If you are reading these words, you have been drawn to the healing power of spirituality, alternative treatment modalities, and energy medicine. There is another way. Set your consultation today!

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Degrees and Qualifications

Wisdom is essential. Here's a short list of titles and accomplishments, past and present:

  • Holistic Practitioner, PhD
  • Life Coach
  • Specialist in Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine and treating Spiritual Disease
  • Doctorate Degree in Health Sciences
  • Public Forensic-Medical Intuitive Investigator
  • Remote Viewer
  • Spiritual Advisor
  • Energy Healer

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