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Oct 29

For you or a loved one, this energy therapy treatment is meant to help people overcome smoking, drinking, or drug addictions. It addresses the core urge and emotions behind the action of continually using stimulants, as an addiction is normally a disease of the spirit. It deals directly with triggers and also causes the addict to remain conscience and begin taking greater responsibility for their choices. Not meant to be a substitution for professional counseling, medical, or rehab treatment, this energy work will put the addict on the path towards change to kick the habit.

Have a unique situation?

Address your needs and wishes with the attention and detail they deserve! Our services are tailored to each patient's individual situation and performed with a full consultation, evaluation, and diagnosis. If you are reading these words, you have been drawn to the healing power of spirituality, alternative treatment modalities, and energy medicine. There is another way. Set your consultation today!

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Degrees and Qualifications

Wisdom is essential. Here's a short list of titles and accomplishments, past and present:

  • Holistic Practitioner, PhD
  • Life Coach
  • Specialist in Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine and treating Spiritual Disease
  • Doctorate Degree in Health Sciences
  • Masters Degree in Investigative Forensic Sciences
  • Public Forensic-Medical Intuitive Investigator
  • Bachelors Degree in Biology
  • Remote Viewer
  • Spiritual Advisor
  • Energy Healer

General Services