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Oct 22

Boost your self-esteem and body image! Works on your insecurities to establish a sense of security and begin enveloping yourself with self-love. Gain the self-confidence needed to know that you can be, do, or have whatever it is that you desire. Experience the instant surge of self-esteem needed to push you forward to the next level. Eliminates negative feelings to improve how you feel about yourself. A beauty focused regimen designed to make you feel and look better than you ever have, no matter what gender you are.

Can enable skin and body radiance, hair and nail growth, charm, and even increase sexual appeal. Great for those struggling with beauty, anti-aging, attraction, or weight loss issues. Helps to affect you mentally to stop yo-yo dieting and the destructive cycle of unhealthy eating/exercise patterns.

This energy therapy treatment also addresses deeper psychological issues behind media/celebrity image influences, society’s definition of beauty, and tailoring your self-image according to someone else’s ideas. A formula that is much more than a physical solution, but also about changing your overall perspective of your body image and loving yourself more. Puts you on the path to best determine and achieve your individual health and beauty goals. Enhances your physical image with the attitude, confidence, and magnetism to match! Brings about an undeniable physical glow. Can also be used to subdue someone who is vain, obsessed with physical looks, or displays a superiority complex.

Have a unique situation?

Address your needs and wishes with the attention and detail they deserve! Our services are tailored to each patient's individual situation and performed with a full consultation, evaluation, and diagnosis. If you are reading these words, you have been drawn to the healing power of spirituality, alternative treatment modalities, and energy medicine. There is another way. Set your consultation today!

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Degrees and Qualifications

Wisdom is essential. Here's a short list of titles and accomplishments, past and present:

  • Holistic Practitioner, PhD
  • Life Coach
  • Specialist in Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine and treating Spiritual Disease
  • Doctorate Degree in Health Sciences
  • Masters Degree in Investigative Forensic Sciences
  • Public Forensic-Medical Intuitive Investigator
  • Bachelors Degree in Biology
  • Remote Viewer
  • Spiritual Advisor
  • Energy Healer

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