General Information

Will my communication and services with you remain confidential?

All consultations and work done for you are held in the strictest of confidence. No one will know you contacted us for medical evaluation or treatment.

Will I meet the doctor in person?

No, due to the great demand of patient requests received, all consultations and energy work are performed remotely and all communication with clients, including the consultation response is done online.

Why are all services performed remotely?

Not only are online services easier for scheduling purposes but they allow patients the ability to have a virtual copy of their consultation and any further instructions to review at their leisure. Our virtual consult format has shown to be favorable for patients because it helps overcome long-distance charges, traveling costs, scheduling conflicts between time zones, and allows for smooth and easier practitioner-patient communication.

Do you take on all cases and consultation requests?

No, we do not take on every case. Per our policy agreement, RootMojo reserves the right to accept or deny services.

Can I request more than one service at the same time?

Yes! In fact, this is recommended as we are already working on you and are actively involved with your energy. However, there is a separate fee per service.

The Consultation

Why do I have to have a consultation first before receiving RootMojo services?

A reputable practitioner will examine your case before beginning treatment. Any doctor who would treat a patient without any background information or without first looking further into your current situation should be approached with caution. Think of this as a doctor giving you an examination before our practitioner performs ‘spiritual surgery’ on you. This is the reason a consultation is required before undergoing further RootMojo treatment services.

What is the cost of the consultation?

The cost of the initial Roothealing™ Consultation is $50 and is non-refundable.

What is the purpose of the consultation?

In response to your consultation request, you will receive and are paying for the following:

  1. Consultation Form review: The time spent for the doctor to consider accepting your case and perform a detailed review of your issue (intention, spiritual ailments/disease, desired request) via your Roothealing™ Consultation Patient Assessment Form submission, amongst other multiple patient requests.
  2. Spiritual Assessment: Doctor performing a private spiritual assessment where your case and petition is spiritually examined before performing any additional work through prayer. Our practitioner consults Spirit for further direction and guidance.
  3. Written Feedback: Doctor providing a written reading evaluation, based on remote viewing, intuitive analysis, and the insight received from Spirit Guides.
  4. Roothealing Prescription: Doctor’s personal recommended treatment plan and suggested energy therapy work, as applicable. A specific course of action for therapy will also be outlined, for you to determine if further work is desired.
  5. Referral: If necessary, the doctor may personally identify and refer you to another qualified practitioner or medical professional, if our practitioner is unable to take on your case.
If I submit a consultation form, am I obligated to purchase additional recommended RootMojo energy therapy work or services?

A Roothealing™ consultation is not acceptance of further spiritual work but rather an initial assessment only. Although the total cost for additional treatment services will be outlined in response to your consultation submission, there is absolutely no pressure for you to continue with further energy therapy work and treatment.

How long does it take to receive a response to my consultation submission?

You will receive a response to your consultation form submission within 72 hours of receipt.

Energy Medicine Services

What types of energy therapy treatment services do you perform?

RootMojo offers a great variety of energy therapy service options. Please see the Energy Medicine section of our website for more details.

Howe does it work?

Please refer to the Roothealing™ and How It Works sections of our website to learn more about how the work is performed.

Do you use any special materials during treatment, and if so, will you ship them to me?

The choice to use or not use physical materials is at the sole discretion of RootMojo. Common materials used by the practitioner during treatment include, but are not limited to: natural herbs, roots, plants, curios, minerals, and waters .

Since our services are performed in-house by the practitioner , we normally do not ship any materials directly to you. Any materials or specialty items needed for your therapy treatment are retrieved directly by the practitioner to perform your work through remote viewing and spiritual intervention. However, you shipping address may be requested when you submit the Roothealing Consultation Form and at the time of service purchase, to ensure that your shipping information is available, if we do need to ship you a specialty item. Some aspects of the work may focus more on Spirit channeling , remote viewing, and energy blockage removal which may or may not require physical materials. Often it is a combination of factors (as materials are considered complementary aids), therfore, the designated treatment regimen varies on a case by case basis, based on the individual patient’s needs.

Will you stay in communication with me throughout the duration of the energy work?

Due to the demand of patients, RootMojo will maintain limited communication with you throughout the process. You will, however, be notified when the work is completed.

Why is communication limited?

Communication may be brief as our practitioner continues to work in the spiritual realm and check in on your progress. Communication is limited not only because of the demand of patients, but mainly due to a need to remain focused while clearing your energy. Often by the time patients come to our doctor for treatment, they are in a state of panic, mentally or physically broken, or exuding high emotion, therefore, it is important that as the practitioner, the doctor remains focused and in a state of clear, while realigning your energy. The doctor must stay conscious of your vulnerabilities but is equally important that our practitioner remains focused on the extraction process throughout the course of the energy therapy work without distraction. By staying in a state of ‘clear’, the doctor can be your anchor of strength while working to heal you. However, in addition to maintaining basic communication with you during your remote therapy treatment service, our practice will send you a notification when the work is complete.

How long does it take for you to complete the energy therapy work?

Remote energy therapy work normally takes anywhere from a few days to 1-2 weeks to complete depending on the complexity of the patient’s issue. The length of time varies from patient -to-patient and from case-to-case. Please note: If there is a need to order specialty items that require shipping for your work, your spiritual work could be delayed slightly until the materials arrive, which would be communicated to you. This delay is dependent upon the shipping company. In these cases, you will be notified and updated on the status of your work once the materials arrive.

How long does it take to see results?

Changes to your (mental, physical and spiritual) state begin to take effect as soon as our RootMojo services begin and practitioner starts working on your request, however, the amount of time it takes to achieve full results varies since all cases are unique. This is extremely difficult to predict. It can be anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. RootMojo does not quote or guarantee exact time frames but rather allows the work to take its natural course. Some patients see immediate signs within just a day or few days of beginning the work, but most patients see results on average within the first 4 -5 weeks of finishing your healing regimen/closing out the work. Patients may also notice very little happening initially but later find that their problem has disappeared over the weeks following the energy therapy treatment. Most often the effects are seen through a gradual buildup of events, but there have been some cases of improvement to a situation occurring in as little as 24 hours! Again, everyone is different. More complex cases may take more time and spiritual intervention for just you alone may work faster than when it is also done to assist others.

Will I feel different?

Many patients do not feel anything during the remote energy therapy treatment. However, you may experience tingling sensations, warmth or coolness, and possibly swaying or movement in different parts of your body. Other patients have vivid dreams, visions, or see unusual signs. Still there are some that experience periods of high emotion and then a large release due to the many shifts that are occurring. This may happen because the energy work in many ways is a process of breaking you down in order to build you back up and you should not worry or be alarmed. In the end you will experience more peace as this is just a temporary transition period. Since our work is very strong this is expected because a lot is shifting and changing on the spiritual plane. This is part of the healing process and the re-tuning of your energy. As the work progresses a lot is being released. However, if you do not feel mental or physical changes, this does not mean therapy is not working, and you should not be alarmed. At the end of the treatment, a patient normally feels relaxed with a more positive, balanced outlook. Most patients simply report an overall transformational experience. Emotional breakdowns are, at times, a natural part of this process.

Is your work guaranteed?

No, we can only guarantee that we will complete the work and try to help to the best of our ability. Your usage of our services constitutes a spiritual endeavor and no guarantees are made, expressed, or implied as to the results of these spiritual endeavors. There is no guarantee on the success of services offered. By submitting payment for any RootMojo services, you agree to understand this in full and agree to the terms of our Policy Notice. However, with all this being said, our doctor has been assisting patients for some time now, over 20+ years, and can confidently claim a 9/10 success ratio for treatment services completed.

Will you tell me the expected outcome of the work?

RootMojo does not make any specific claims as to the results or outcomes of spiritual work.


How much do your services cost?

Please see the Pricing section of the website for more details. For further work beyond the initial $50 consultation fee, the cost of each individual energy therapy service is $500 and is non-negotiable and non-refundable. An installment plan is available for new clients, where the total cost can be split in half. A minimum half deposit of $250 is required upfront for new clients under this installment plan. Any request for additional spiritual work will require a separate cost per service. IMPORTANT NOTE: The minimum deposit requirement is only a financing option to make the energy therapy treatment more affordable for some patients, however, participation in an installment plan is optional and not required. The quicker you submit full payment, the quicker we can expedite finalization of your service.

What if I cannot pay the full-service cost?

Due to our demand of patients and requests for services, failure to submit full payment for any spiritual work (including the remaining balance in the agreed upon time frame for any installment agreements outlined during the time of consultation) will result in immediate termination of all services without refund.

What are the acceptable forms of payment for your services?

Currently only PayPal is accepted. Medical insurance and other forms of payment are not accepted.

Do your offer refunds for your services?

We do not offer refunds for any RootMojo services.

The RootMojo Difference

What do you wish patients knew about you?

RootMojo is the real deal! Our doctor comes with over 20+ years of experience. Our practitioner takes great delight in using their gifts to help others. Our intention is the in right place to genuinely assist you if it is at all possible, within our ability, and with all that is within us.

What is it about your work that makes you stand out from other practitioners?

While many practitioners learn under one belief system, our doctor has an open heart and mind. Additionally, unlike most practitioners who have normally only studied spiritual disciplines and traditions, our practitioner has also studied both traditional and alternative medicine at accredited institutions and universities for 20+ years. The knowledge gained from being trained in a variety of holistic modalities, greatly supplements the spiritual work which, when combined, gives a much greater understanding, perspective, and mastery of plants, herbs, and overall perspective of the anatomy of the human body compared to other practitioners.

Integrity and Faith

What about integrity and morals?

As an ethical medical practice, RootMojo consider show the spiritual work will impact the patient (mentally, spiritually and physically), as well as others around them, and even herself as the practitioner through energy transfer. We also strive to conduct our medical practice according to the Hippocratic Oath, first do no harm. Our primary goal is to achieve results that will improve and empower the patient’s lifelong term. Some medical professionals will perform anything for money or when the price is right, however, RootMojo has been known to deny unjustified requests.

What do you consider justified spiritual work and/or petition?

We take each request for service seriously. Our practitioner is an old-fashioned believer in energy transfer, and personal responsibility during treatment. It is important that we lay out a clear intention and purpose so that the petition and work performed can be honored, favorable, blessed, and ultimately justified before God.

Why is faith and belief so critical during therapy?

RootMojo treats each patient in total confidence and faith. Our practitioner enters the spiritual work trusting that since the treatment plan was mapped out carefully beforehand, and the intention and petition were clearly identified and justified before beginning the spiritual work the request will be honored by Spirit. Equally, you should also enter this work with the same level of trust and faith while waiting for the results to manifest in your life. When the doctor closes out your work, our practitioner considers it done and does not look back.

What do you ask from me as a patient?

It is important that you do not doubt and stay as positive as possible as we work to complete your work in the spiritual realm. Remember that the energy work starts with you. You are a partner in your own work even when someone else is doing work for you. Your level of faith, attitude, and overall outlook can go a long way and are very important to the progression and overall success of your energy therapy treatment. Doubt greatly counteracts the work! You must believe! As stated above, the work begins and ends with faith. Although the doctor is assisting and spiritually petitioning on a patient’s behalf, a patient is ultimately responsible for their own actions and success. Doubt and fretting about therapy results sends out opposing energy toward the work and can become an interference, therefore, we ask that, as a patient, you try to remain patient for events to unfold in your life and keep your thoughts positive at all times. Don’t fret-change is incoming.

It is best for you not to obsess over the spiritual work that is being performed or become overly anxious. Please allow time for the work performed to manifest in your life. When you sit around and obsess you are only hurting your situation more because you are not out enjoying and living your life. Trust in the fact that if you found this website and you’ve begun medical and spiritual treatment with RootMojo, Spirit led you here. Get ready to live your best life! Be ready and open to the outcomes and remarkable changes that are about to occur as a result of using our services.

Is there any other advice you have for me as a patient?

Be careful what you wish for. Be sure of your intention regarding why and what you are petitioning God for during prayer.

Have a unique situation?

Address your needs and wishes with the attention and detail they deserve! Our services are tailored to each patient's individual situation and performed with a full consultation, evaluation, and diagnosis. If you are reading these words, you have been drawn to the healing power of spirituality, alternative treatment modalities, and energy medicine. There is another way. Set your consultation today!

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Degrees and Qualifications

Wisdom is essential. Here's a short list of titles and accomplishments, past and present:

  • Holistic Practitioner, PhD
  • Life Coach
  • Specialist in Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine and treating Spiritual Disease
  • Doctorate Degree in Health Sciences
  • Public Forensic-Medical Intuitive Investigator
  • Remote Viewer
  • Spiritual Advisor
  • Energy Healer

General Services