Financial Abundance

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Oct 22

Used to help attract money and abundance into your life. For those who seek money, wealth, or material things, it uses magnetism to position you to reap financial rewards. When you are in need of extra cash, it may cause you to receive sums of money from unknown sources that can be used to help you pay off debts or overcome a financial difficulty. Pulls money towards you from all sources. Can also improve your luck and chances of winning when you gamble or play the lottery. For some, money begins to fall like rain.

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Degrees and Qualifications

Wisdom is essential. Here's a short list of titles and accomplishments, past and present:

  • Holistic Practitioner, PhD
  • Life Coach
  • Specialist in Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine and treating Spiritual Disease
  • Doctorate Degree in Health Sciences
  • Masters Degree in Investigative Forensic Sciences
  • Public Forensic-Medical Intuitive Investigator
  • Bachelors Degree in Biology
  • Remote Viewer
  • Spiritual Advisor
  • Energy Healer

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